Thursday, August 27, 2009

If You Add Content, Will They Come to Your Website?

Just saw this blog post (Great Content - The Secret to Success? Maybe) from Pete Hollier at SEO

I love how he calls attention to the theoretic divides between the inbound marketing strategists who put a stake in the ground around PPC (pay-per-click), social media marketing, search engine optimization, or content development.

As an inbound marketing strategist and a small business owner, I read A LOT of articles about all these varied school of thought and have generally concluded that there a mix of all strategies is the best way to go.

Pete makes that point in his article, too, and I found it rather validating.

Each inbound marketing strategy has its own pros and cons, its own business requirements (guidelines, costs, management, care & feeding) and its own audience. The strategies that will work best for your small business are the ones that:
  1. you can implement
  2. you can follow through with and maintain
  3. you can afford
  4. reach your audience
Want to know more? Just ask me.


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jacob said...

I have always been curious about functionality in websites and, well, the world in general. I read this article with great interest. It does seem to me that the reason we comment is to speak our minds so why not have the comment field first? However, as others have pointed out, one gets used to the conventions regardless of reason.
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