Sunday, November 4, 2007

Find Your Passion and Follow It

Last night I was at a party and found myself answering a lot of questions about my businesses. Because I'm so close to the launch of my second venture, I naturally focused on how hard I'm working these days. I talked about the long hours and how focused I've been on dedicating my energy to both companies.

When one of the guys I was talking with said, "It must be a drag to work that hard," I was surprised. I hadn't meant to sound like I was complaining. I'm not. But it is what it is: a lot of work.

"I'm happy to work this hard," I said, "because I'm excited about what I'm doing. I love what I'm creating, and I love that it's mine."

On Thursday, I wrote to my public relations agent about my ideas for an editorial pitch to a major women's magazine. She responded this way:
"Looks good Tara! You can tell your heart is really in this. I was just reading
an article this morning from one of my favorite motivators and he quoted:
When starting your business look for a product that you really like, use and
enjoy yourself personally. You can only sell something to someone else if your
heart is in it. And if your heart is in it you will enjoy using the product
yourself and be successful and the money will follow."
I know the advice to "love what you do and the money will follow" is trite, but people keep repeating it because it's true.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, you really do have to be passionate about the business you're starting or running. To keep yourself energized and pushing forward when the going gets tough, it takes something more than the draw of a paycheck. It takes love, passion, and intensity. And like the romantic equivalents, when you share your passion, you might be surprised at how it grows and turns into something more beautiful and amazing than you had imagined.

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