Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Stand Back and Take Notice

"One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done." -- Marie Curie, French scientist

On July 31, I wrote about my electronic to-do list. When I began my list back then, it was daunting. A full paged of typed tasks in 10-pt typeface is a lot more than a full page of handwritten ones. There were full categories of steps to accomplish, from operations to marketing.

Now just three months later, I've not only crossed off everything on that list, but I've added two additional pages of work that lies ahead.

Although there is still much more to accomplish in launching my business, I did stop for a moment yesterday to soak in the significance of seeing that entire first page with lines through every task.

It felt good.

The things on that list were important, fundamental steps: interviewing and selecting an illustrator and graphic designer to create my company's identity; registering the DBA (doing business as) with the state; opening my corporate bank account and credit card; capitalizing my corporation by making my equity contribution; connecting a dedicated business phone line; registering the domain name for my company's web site; and purchasing office supplies, file cabinets, and the like.

When I stop the whirlwind of motion, stand back and look at how much I've done in only three months, I'm a bit stunned.

And proud.

I write this post today for myself as much as for anyone else. I hope I remember to notice in the months to come not what remains to be done, but how much I've done already.

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