Tuesday, March 25, 2008

GTD Widget?

Periodically, I like to check to see how readers are finding "Ditch the Dusty Widget." (Oh yeah, BTW: you are being watched with Google Analytics.) This morning, I noticed that a fair number of people find my blog searching for the keywords, "weekly goal widgets."

Which made me wonder, "where can I get a weekly goal widget to offer on my blog?" I could use a tool like that myself. My smart, entrepreneurial readers may be onto something.

In doing a search for said "weekly goal widgets," (and reveling in my top page search showing) I noticed that a few results below me (yes, I added that for emphasis) was a blog entry by Leo at Zen Habits about "cranking widgets."

A visit to his entry revealed numerous references to GTD.

Do you know about this?

Given my overall tendency to pick up on major trends about 2 years after everyone else, I'm not surprised it was news to me. For those of you who are equally uninformed, it stands for "Getting Things Done," and refers to an organizational lifestyle approach trumpeted by productivity guru David Allen.

Leo at Zen Habits has a useful page of links to learn more about GTD, including his first one that points to the 43 Folders blog. Both of these blogs are among the blogosphere's top-rated, top-read blogs of all time, by the way. So if these guys are using the system successfully, there must be something to it.

I'm intrigued and now must sign off to learn more. And what could be more justifiable for taking a day off work than to research how to be more productive?


And for those of you who found this because you're looking for "weekly goal widgets," here is a link to a To-Do list widget. It requires that you have Yahoo! Widget Engine installed on your toolbar, which I don't, so I have no idea how it works. Use at your own discretion.

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