Monday, April 14, 2008

Salesforce for Google Apps Available Today and Google have announced today that "they have integrated Salesforce’s customer relationship management software and Google’s suite of office productivity applications, which includes e-mail, word processing and spreadsheets programs, into a single software package." (NYT)

If you already use as your customer relationship manager tool, you can now sign up for Google apps, or sign into your existing Google apps account, to activate the new relationship.

The partnership means that and Google apps launch side-by-side and work together, eliminating the need for parallel or duplicated tracking of e-mails and sales related documents. For example, e-mails to sales leads that you send via your Gmail account can now be simultaneously tracked inside Salesforce.

The best part of this deal for small businesses is that these services are "web apps," or "web applications," meaning they are hosted and delivered over the Internet. You pay a small monthly subscription fee, rather than having to purchase, installation, store and maintain the software on your business's hard drive or network.

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