Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day

When I was an employee first considering going into business for myself, I would often ask small business owners I met, “What is it like to own your own business? How is it different?”

Over and over again, entrepreneurs would describe the long hours they devoted to growing their businesses. “There are no such things as weekends anymore,” they’d say. And to underscore the point, “I don’t feel like I’m ever NOT working.”

Their comments would bear out in my observations. I would watch my boss, the owner of a small company, work 60-hour weeks. She was frequently at the office for 12-hour days and came in nearly every weekend.

For several years, fear of losing my life was the main reason I didn’t pursue owning my own business. I enjoyed being able to leave office troubles behind at the end of my work day and to relax at home. I enjoyed pursuing recreational activities and new relationships outside of work and wanted to continue investing my time in social, rather than professional, pursuits.

But my life and needs changed. I’m now in a place where I’m ready to devote more time to professional interests and where my excitement over pursuing my creative ideas trumps my fear of being consumed by them.

That said, today is a holiday. Most employees are enjoying the day off and I’m at my computer, preparing quotes and editing a client’s web copy. And you know what? I’m happy to be doing it.

I’m working today because I choose to…because on Friday I chose to do other activities instead of working on these items. I love having the freedom to decide when I’m going to work and how I’m going to work.

And on this Labor Day, that’s what I’m celebrating.

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Rosemary Hossenlopp said...


I also love being a business owner. It allowed me to spend two weeks in Oregon taking care of my parents in August. But I worked on Labor Day.....because I wanted too. My business opportunties are too exciting for me to measure life by working hours vs. non-working hours.

Rosemary Hossenlopp
San Jose, CA
Founder Personal Business Plan