Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Start-Up Gap: Vision versus Reality

One aspect of business start-up that I'm finding to be one of my most difficult struggles is the gap between what I can accomplish with the resources I have compared to what I dream of achieving.

When I began visioning my company, I gave myself the time and freedom to let my imagination soar. My business plan includes first-year milestones and pragmatic steps, but it also includes a long-term picture of my company's bigger goals: mission statements about social responsibility and social change; market leadership in the maternity brand; manufacturing products.

The greater vision is what excites and compels me to work so hard now. But the reality of where I am and what I can do today often collides against those more ambitious ideals. I can't get there in a month or a year. It will take time.

Much of what I wrestle with emotionally throughout the course of each week entails answering this question: how do I create a piece of the vision to start from and build on, but still have it embody enough essence of the vision so that it feels like I'm getting there, albeit slowly?

I find it a tough to choose between the ideal and practical. How about you?


Stuart said...

The tough part for me just living with the fact that my vision is not reality, and won't be for a long time. On the bright side I have a long time to refine my vision.

Tara M. Bloom said...

But the vision is important to hold on to! And the refining of that vision is an essential part of the process of getting to success. More on that in a soon-to-come post. Cheers, Stuart.